Sierra Nevada Warriors Program Information

Program Philosophies


  • Our Warriors teams practice on average 2-3 times per week; practice schedules for each season will be posted on the corresponding Warriors page on our website. The expectation is that all players attend all practices; however if a player must miss a practice, it is expected that there be communication ahead of time with their coach. Either email or text message is fine. The coaches plan each practice based on the number of players they expect to be present, so please respect their time and effort by allowing them to plan accordingly.
  • Parents are welcome to stay and observe practice; however please refrain from coaching your son/daughter or other players. It undermines the coaches, as well as distracts the players from directions and instructions.
  • As mentioned above, it is expected that players attend all practices, within reason. When it is time for tournaments and games, practice attendance does play a factor in playing time; however, it is also not the sole determining factor of playing time. In addition, absences are assessed differently based on the reason for missing practice. For instance, missing a practice due to another sport is far different than missing a practice due to procrastinating on a school project or playing video games.
  • Please try to pick the players up in a timely manner after practice. The coaches will always wait to make sure the last player is out of the gym with a ride home, so please do your best to pick them up within a reasonable amount of time once practice has ended.


  • When we attend weekend tournaments (posted on the corresponding Warriors page on our website), we are prepared to take all players who are in our program - meaning, we do not leave players behind unless they are unable to play that weekend.
  • We do not necessarily guarantee playing time like our recreational leagues do. Our Warriors coaches do a great job of making sure all players see meaningful minutes each game, but inevitably there will be players who play more and players who play less. Fortunately, all players will get better through diligence and hard work in practice, and they will certainly have their share of minutes throughout the seasons.
  • Yes, we are going to do our best to win each and every game if possible, but we are even more adamant about long term player and program development - not necessarily just winning today (although that would great too!). Becoming a good basketball player or basketball program is not an overnight process, so the main priorities we focus on are work ethic, teamwork, and playing the game the right way. If these things can be accomplished, in the long term we will all become better players and a much better program overall.
  • Each tournament the coaches get together and construct team rosters for each grade based on player availability, team needs, and individual player skill development needs. These rosters will be posted on our corresponding Warriors page on our website.


  • We know you have the best intentions in mind. However please refrain from giving directions to your son/daughter or other players during practices and games. It undermines the coaches and rest of the team, and makes it extremely difficult for the player to stay focused on the game, as well as the directions they are receiving from their coach. Many times, the directions you are attempting to convey contradict what the coach has already told them to do.

  • Please watch these videos about youth sports:
  • Although it may seem irrelevant, but please be aware that consistent conversations and topics you focus on outside of practices and games will absolutely begin to resonate with your son/daughter, whether they are positive or negative. That being said, here are a few topics that would be best left to coaches:
    1. Referees - Some are good and some are bad. Even the good ones make mistakes. There is nothing that the coaches, players, or parents can do about it. No amount of complaining about a referee will change the outcome of the call or game; it just creates a hostile environment for all involved.
    2. Playing Time - Over the course of time, having this conversation over and over again will create animosity between teammates and a feeling a resentment towards coaches, which will stunt player and program development.
    3. Points Scored/Shots Taken - Similar to the topic of playing time, this can teach poor shot selection and develop a sense of selfishness, when one of our main program points of emphasis is to cultivate an environment of selfless play. We also have a program-wide system of play, both offensively and defensively, and perhaps from game-to-game we are looking to take advantage of a weakness that the coaches see on the other team.
  • We are always open to having conversations about your son and/or the program as a whole. If it is a sensitive issue, please employ the "24 hour" rule to allow for a calm discussion when emotions are not running as high. We will never discuss other players in the program, but we are happy to explain in more detail our stances on playing time, strategy, practices, as well as offensive & defensive program philosophies.
  • Above all else, we 100% encourage all of our parents to be supportive of your players, the teams, and the program. The players will feed off of this positive environment, and with your help, we can ensure that it stays a positive place for them to develop into better players and great young men!

Getting Involved:

Since our Warriors program is a competitive travel team with very limited gym time and roster space, we are forced to be a little more selective about the players who are brought into the program; as a result, we would generally have any potential players come in for a workout with our coaches as an evaluation. This is partially to evaluate skill level (which of course has some level of importance), but overwhelmingly to evaluate coachability, work ethic, listening skills, and practice habits. Our main priority is making sure to add players who really want to be there and are willing to work hard to become better players and teammates.

Roster availability is also predicated on returning Warriors players, so there may not always be availability to join the program if the roster is full.

To set up a workout, you can email Kyle Sadanaga at:



Uniforms are $65 per set. Each player must purchase a Warriors uniform (we'll order it for you). Uniforms must only be re-purchased if they are outgrown or lost. Players do not need a new uniform every season.

Spring Program:

The Warriors Spring Program cost is $550. This covers gym time for all practices and tournament entry fees.

Summer Program:

The Warriors Summer Program cost is $450. This covers gym time for all practices and tournament entry fees.

Fall Program:

The Warriors Fall Program cost is $450. This covers gym time for all practices and tournament entry fees.


Families are responsible for travel accommodations, such as hotel rooms and rental cars, when attending tournaments. Hotel information where coaches are staying (if it's an overnight tournament) will be posted on our website.

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